We develop, produce and maintain patient monitoring systems. These innovative systems are responsible for the reliable alarm settlement between a stationed or mobile care professional. These systems are applied in the healthcare market; hospitals, psychiatric institutions, nursing, care homes and hospice.

Our solution is, due to its modular scalable composition, applicable in nearly each healthcare institution (combination of intra- and extramural care).

Research & Development

Our own multi-disciplinary team is responsible for the complete system lifecycle. Available expertise’s: new technology evaluation, sensor research, schematic and hardware design, embedded firmware, mechanical engineering, production tooling, client-server applications, revision management and life cycle management.


Our products are completely fabricated in house by our skilled employees with various high tech machines. Facilitating: in-line SMT production, conventional assembly techniques, CNC milling, In circuit and functional testing. We deliver our customers in time quality products, conform the high standards of our market.

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